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The Ultimate Cellulose Evaporative Cooling Rigid Media

MAX COOL® evaporative cooling media is engineered and manufactured for optimal performance and longevity from a cellulose base impregnated with plastic resins and anti-rot agents.

MAX COOL® Evaporative Cooling Rigid Media

Evaporative cooling is an energy efficient cooling solution for a variety of applications including agriculture, greenhouses, industrial and residential buildings.

Evaporative cooling produces cool and humidified air through the combination of a natural process – evaporation – and air movement. Requiring only the low energy inputs of a water pump and a blower motor, an evaporative cooler draws air through the fluted surface of a moist cooling media pad (such as the MAX COOL® rigid evaporative media) and cools it through evaporation. The cooled air is then circulated throughout the building by a large blower. Evaporative cooling can lower the temperature of the outside air by as much as 30°F providing a low cost alternative to traditional refrigeration.

The dual angle flute design of MAX COOL® rigid evaporative media allows air to pass through at a higher velocity which delivers cooler air to provide maximum comfort with low energy input.

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maxcool cooling media

Industry Applications

Rigid media cooling pads are used for agriculture and horticulture climate control solutions to maintain optimum production conditions. MAX COOL® cooling media pads are engineered for high efficiency and long life to provide consistent cooling and humidification performance for livestock buildings and greenhouses.
poultry industry


The use of MAX COOL® evaporative cooling media can reduce air temperatures to provide efficient climate control for poultry buildings, reducing heat stress and increasing animal comfort.

swine industry


Heat-stress in swine can cause reduction in growth rate and feed intake. Using MAX COOL® evaporative cooling media pads can maintain a consistent comfortable air temperature in swine facilities.


Maintaining consistent humidity levels and air temperature is crucial for proper plant growth. Using MAX COOL® evaporative cooling media will ensure correct climate balance in greenhouse environments.

dairy industry


Using MAX COOL® with an evaporative cooling system in dairy facilities can maintain air temperature and reduce heat-stress related issues, increasing milk production and reproductive performance.

MAX COOL® Features

  • Cellulose Base
  • Impregnated with Plastic Resins & Anti-Rot Agents
  • Consistent Performance
  • Durable & Easy to Install
  • Energy Efficient
  • Engineered for Optimal Performance & Longevity
  • High Air Velocity
  • Limited One-Year Warranty
maxcool diagram
MAX COOL® Design
The steep 45° angle directs more water through to the media's air entering surface so it can flush away dirt to maintain consistent performance.

The shallow 15° angle allows air to pass through the media at a higher air velocity without water carryover.
Design Specifications
  • Angles: 45° and 15°
  • Water Load: 1.5 gpm for 12” pad
  • pH Range: 6-8
  • Dry Weight: 2 lb/ft3
  • Wet Weight: 3.35 lb/ft3
  • Fire Rating: None
Follow simple maintenance steps to maintain the long life and consistent performance of MAX COOL® Rigid Evaporative Cooling Media.

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